5Star Home Watch is a local West Kelowna company that specializes in keeping your home safe and problem free while you are away. Whether it be short term, an extended stay away or caring for seasonal homes, 5Star Home Watch can take care of all your needs.

We visit your home free of charge to quote the services to be performed and determine how often a home check should be done. We customize a protection program according to your needs.

Be aware that your home insurance provider usually requires a home check to be done every 3 to 7 days. We recommend that the homeowner check with their home insurance provider to find out what these requirements are.

5Star Home Watch is fully licensed and insured.


Insurance Requirements

Insurance Companies require that a vacant/unoccupied home be inspected on a regular basis, typically every 3-4 days.

Peace of Mind

To give you peace of mind while you are away from your home.

Hassle Free

In the event that we encounter a problem, we will contact you immediately for authorization to proceed on your behalf.


We pride ourselves on very reasonable rates. You really cannot afford to be without this important service.


We work with you to tailor a monitoring program that suits your needs and budget.


Here are potential problems your property can be inspected for while you are away:

  • Storm Damage
  • Forced Entry
  • Frozen/Broken Pipes
  • Vandalism
  • Flooding
  • Tripped Breakers
  • Investigate abnormal odours

  • Start your cars to ensure battery is charged
  • Flush all toilets and run all taps
  • Check the function of fridge and freezers
  • Adjust blinds and curtains
  • Water Indoor plants as needed
  • Visually inspect for water leaks
  • Ensure yard lights are working correctly

  • Check the function of the furnace or A/C
  • Vary room lighting if wanted
  • Moisture problems
  • Pest Invasion
  • Doors/Windows locked
  • Gather mail, newspapers and flyers.
  • Test all smoke alarms and replace batteries



Phone: 250-317-6993 (Darlene)

Email: info@5starhomewatch.com

Location: West Kelowna, B.C.